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Love this sport 💜 📸: @ablson #nationalgymnasticsday

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2016 was a roller coaster with many ups and downs. The challenges are what keep you going and fighting to be the best you can be. The hard work will eventually pay off and you are left with a moment like this that cannot be put into words. You don't always win or end up with a medal but instead you are left with something much more special. Feeling proud of yourself for overcoming the hardships and challenges. Having that feeling of pure happiness and love. Nothing and no one can take that away from you. Blessed for this opportunity to compete with the maple leaf on my chest doing the sport I love and enjoying every moment. Without you all I wouldn't be where I am or the person I am today. Thank you for all the love and support. I am very fortunate to have such a great family, friends, support system, coaches, club, team, province and country behind me. Everyday I am thankful for the opportunities I have and for the little things in life we forget about everyday. To have warmth, food, family and freedom. To be able to do what I love everyday surrounded by the people I love. I am so lucky. Looking forward to a new year ahead with the chance to experience, grow and make the most of everyday. Life is beautiful and so are you. Wishing each and everyone of you the best for the new year 💕 #goodbye2016 #newyear #2017 #bebeautiful #lifeisajourney

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As the 2016 Rio Olympics are coming to a close I can't even start to put into words how incredible the past couple weeks have been. I am so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to represent our beautiful country at my second Olympic Games with my amazing team. We stood tall together through the success and disappointment and laid it all out on the competition floor to show the world that we are team Canada and we are fighters. We have all worked so hard, sacrificed and been through so much to get here. We could not have done it without everyone's help. To my teammates, coaches, club, family, friends, the community, province and country, thank you for the incredible support through all the ups and downs. The past 4 years have been an unbelievable journey. I have experienced so much and made memories that will last me a lifetime. Congratulations to everyone on their Olympic performances. Not everyone gets the opportunity to compete at the Olympic Games so stand tall and be proud of what you have accomplished against all odds. I know I am beaming with Canadian pride and had the time of my life cheering on every member of team Canada in Rio! So excited to see what new adventures may come my way ❤️🇨🇦 #teamcanada #roadtorio #rio2016 #olympics #fireandice #standupstandtall #proudcanadian #closingceremonies

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5 days until Elite Canada 2017! Get your tickets at gymns.ca ! Can't wait to see everyone there 🙋🏼

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Happy September and labour day! 😊 #100daysofhappiness #day63

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Canada is so magical 🖤❄️

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So happy to be back home in Nova Scotia ❤️🍁 Big thank you to @beckandboosh for the awesome t-shirt! #nsproud #homesweethome

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